Here is list of miniature and terrain manufacturers I have bought or currently buy from. These make mostly 28mm scale fantasy models, although the exact scale can vary from company to company. And the style will definitely be distinct depending on the manufacturer.

Alionas Miniatures
Anakron Miniatures
Avatars of War
Black Cat Bases
Black Hat Miniatures
Black Scorpion Miniatures
Black Tree Design
Blue Moon Manufacturing
Crocodile Games
Crusader Miniatures
Dark Sword Miniatures
Ebob Miniatures
Enigma Miniatures
Four A Miniatures
Freebooter Miniatures
Games Workshop
Gripping Beast
Guild of Harmony
Hasslefree Miniatures
Hell Dorado
Heresy Miniatures
Joek Minis
Lead Adventure Miniatures
Low Life Miniatures
Magister Militium
Mantic Games
Midlam Miniatures
Miniature Heroes
Mirliton Miniatures
Northumbrian Tin Soldier
Oakbound Miniatures
Otherworld Miniatures
Privateer Press
Progloria Miniatures
Perry Miniatures
Ral Partha
Reaper Miniatures
Redoubt Entreprises
Ristul's Extraordinary Market
Rogue Miniatures
Scibor Miniatures
Scotia Grendel
Sphere Wars
Splintered Light Miniatures
Stonehaven Miniatures
Tale of War
Tercio Creativo
Vesper on Games
Wargames Foundry
Warlord Games
West Wind Production
Wyrd Miniatures


Antenocitis Workshop
The Army Painter
Hudson&Allen Studio

Rosewood Pet Products

Stronghold Terrain

Tabletop World

Woodland Scenics