Mini Me

João Sousa. Compulsive collector. Erratic painter. Enthusiastic hobbyist.

Even though I was a fanatical reader of Fighting Fantasy books since the 80's, back when I was a kid, I only got into miniature collecting and painting very recently.
First, I started painting Warhammer fantasy models and shortly after that I expanded my thirst for the hobby and took on the route of creating my own fantasy world.In the process, I've come across several high quality miniature manufacturers, some of which I regularly keep in touch with to exchange interesting hobby-related ideas. I also thoroughly enjoy collecting old school models, like Citadel and Ral Partha, if not for the characterful sculpts.

Recently I ventured into terrain scratch-building, making some houses out of foam and other materials.
Currently, I have multiple projects in progress, including a medieval town and a spooky village.

When I'm not painting or collecting models, I enjoy visiting miniature blogs and forums. These are generally an invaluable source of inspiration and constructive feedback, two of the most precious elements to keep the hobby going.

Any questions, feel free to contact me by email.