Thursday, 1 May 2014

Midlam Miniatures - Goblin Lurker

One of the many stands I visited in Salute this year was Midlam Miniatures. I knew about their range of old school models from a while back, so I wanted to see in more detail what they could have to suit my infamous collection of mixed ranges and manufacturers.

Among various 25mm/28mm figures - ranging from minstrels, scribes and other townsfolk - I spotted some goblins sculpted by Kevin Adams, the Goblinmaster*, for the range Goblinvylle.
One of them, in particular, caught my attention: the goblin lurker.
The pose is menacing and you definitely would not want to stumble on him in a dark alley.

On the other hand, just look how cute his hat is. Or that dress he's wearing. Or his mischievous smile. There is a sense of fun and innocence captured in this model which makes him likeable, regardless of the sharp thing he's holding.
I keep addressing to this goblin as a he, but nothing tells me that he cannot be a she, a female goblin.

Either way, it was fun to paint him/her and not as slow as I feared (I am, by definition, a very slow painter). A few earthy colours for the clothes, sort of subdued but also giving the idea that they were once wore by someone before getting stolen by this little green rascal. And the usual Knarloc Green mixed with Golden Yellow (both former GW paints, no longer available) for the skin. And voilà! Job done.

Although the lurker doesn't necessarily have to belong to a warband as such, I thought he/she would look perfectly placed next to these bad boys from an old Citadel range, C04 Thieves.

The characters in question go by the names of Phaygin and Cat Burgler. Aren't these three one happy family?

I might revisit Midlam Miniatures webstore at some point soon in order to grab a few more of their goblins (their villagers like the town cryer or the goblin watch are just too irresistible) and even their halflings.


*By the way, Kev was recently interviewed and his wonderful conversation and his humble words can be read here.


  1. Stunning!

    Cool to see these old figures. They look great. Lots of character!

  2. The goblin lurker is too cool.

  3. Thanks for the visit and comment VK! I'm hoping to buy a few more of these characterful goblins from Midlam.