Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Nightfolk, by Northumbrian Tin Soldier

So a couple of weeks ago I was browsing Clam Miniatures page on Facebook and was struck by a picture with some really characterful models and a superb paintjob. I enquired and was told that the miniatures in question had been sculpted by Martin Buck and belonged to a brand new range called Nightfolk, produced and sold by Northumbrian Tin Soldier.
The company is owned by David Holland, who gave me some more information on the models. Browsing the gallery, I was immediately sold on the uniqueness and quirky style of these miniatures.

Once payday came, I made an order of all their current miniatures and two days later got them through the post. And what a treat this was!

The first thing that I noticed was the large size of each blister pack. According to David, he wanted their miniatures to have a collectable feel. The blisters also allow the company to put their forthcoming larger characters and accessories in the same packaging without spoiling the cohesive look of the range.

After unpacking, I closely checked the sculpting quality and design of the miniatures. All very crisp and flawless. The level of detail is spot on!

It was only when I got them all together that I realised why I was so drawn to these oddities in the first place: they reminded me of Talisman and their also idiosyncratic characters; a group of comical, charismatic and, at times, weird personalities going on exciting and fun quests. I can only imagine the sort of trouble and mischief this troupe of goblins, dwarves and henchmen go through when they wander the dark alleys at night.
And speaking of which, David told me that rulebooks are currently being worked on and they may be launched later in the year.

In the meantime - and while I'm still gaining momentum to paint them - here are some glimpses of the wonderful paintjob by Kevin Dallimore on the little fellows.



  1. Lots of character there, but I wonder how well they will blend with other ranges. Dwarf with the lantern is great.

  2. Hi Jeff! Yes, I wonder that myself. I guess probably they won't blend, but then I can just paint them to have them on their own and then use them for stand-alone games. They look really awesome for anything, really.


  3. Good review! They look quite unique.

  4. Thanks, Naiconn Log! They will be releasing more adventurers soon, so keep your eyes peeled!