Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Carpet Wonderland

Recently I traveled to Turkey with my girlfriend on a terrific one week holiday of historic sightseeing and cultural entertainment. It was also a place to get some inspiration for my terrain making activities. One of my plans is to make an Arab bazaar within a fantasy town, so I was delighted with Some of the architecture we came across that week, including a couple of caravanserai we visited during the journey.

I also enjoyed looking out for little collectible items I could bring back home with me. And I was happily surprised when I came across some bookmarks in the shape of miniature carpets. A lovely idea for literature indeed, but even better if used as a terrain prop.

I bought about ten of them as a bargain and brought them with me. There is enough variety in designs, patterns and colours to provide a market with a suitable atmosphere.
The textures also adds an extra level of realism.

The scale fits 28mm as carpets can come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, as we learned when we visited a Cappadocian carpet factory. The other great thing about these bookmarks is that they have enough length to be cut in smaller pieces and make shorter carpets to be rolled or piled up. Or simply as wall decorations.

"I'll take them all!" - claims the merchant, as his scribe despairs with the level of spending at the bazaar.

Either way, I hope this little piece gave you some useful ideas to start collecting carpets and decorating your tabletops. Merhaba!



  1. Those look fantastic for a market scene. You hardly need any other props, they scale great.

  2. Welcome to carpet world! Hoping that the rug won't be pulled out from under you before this project is completed. ;)

  3. Thanks for the comment, Jeff! Glad you like it!

    Stu, you know how I am. I rarely finish a project. However, I'm hoping the town gets sorted one day - Arab market included!


  4. what a great idea! Now I'm bummed out that I didn't order some from my father's recent business trip to Istanbul.

    1. Hi Alex,

      Thanks for the visit and comment.

      Well, on the other hand, I think you can always order them online! :)