Thursday, 3 April 2014

On the workbench

In between various projects, I managed to find some time and focus to get a few miniatures painted. The bases will be finished later and soon I will be shooting them outdoors with natural light, as all miniatures deserve.
Most of these will be part of my urban setting, a medieval fantasy town. In my view, towns are only as interesting as the characters who live in them. Hence, my obsession of collecting as many civilians as I can.

And civilians come in all sorts of shape and form. Including four legged ones. On the far-left we have two lovely Lead Adventure pigs. Easy to paint and loads of character to add to the dirty streets of any town or village.
The mysterious character next to them is an old Citadel assassin from Talisman game, 2nd Edition.
I initially thought of giving him the official colours that show in his character card, but that would make him look too conspicuous for an otherwise stealthy killer. Hence the darker colours, but a bit of red to give a sinister sign of danger.
I have a few dozens of Talisman miniatures to paint, so eventually I will get 'round to group them all together for a family shoot. And - who knows? - to play a game or two.

Next up is a lady of the night from Reaper Miniatures. It took me a while to settle for a suitable colour scheme and still I'm not too happy with the lack of highlights on the hair and clothes. I might go back and do a few adjustments.

The two injured fellows are from Citadel: a dwarf slayer and an elf, evidently OOP. I found both of them interesting as subjects, as they look like they've seen a lot of (painful) action. I don't know how useful they could be as hired swords in a game like Mordheim, but I still like them as characterful individuals.

Adding to the colourful and random bunch of minis, I got a puppeteer painted too. He belongs to the infamous Citadel range C46 Travelling Players. Some of these models are very rare so I was thrilled when Stu (a chronic collector of Citadel gems) gave me this street performer to add to my citizens collection. I love the detail in this character, including the two puppets he's holding (the mischievous goblin and the lady with the baby). This comes to show the sort of innocent and almost sweet nature of miniatures back in the 80's.

Finally, I had time to paint a busker (the second from the right), another old Citadel townsfolk model. Clearly dated and not as good a sculpt as other models that came after him. And since I'm not a skilled painter, he gave me a bit of a hard time to paint him to an acceptable degree.

Still, I really enjoyed visiting these old school minis and getting them grouped together.
More to come soon, hopefully.


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