Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Talisman 2nd Edition miniatures

Citadel's Talisman 2nd Edition. Even though I was a fan of the boardgame, I had never felt the urge to collect these old school miniatures. Some of the sculpts looked too dated and most paintjobs out there didn't really bring the best out of these models. Plus, I was slightly concerned of how they wouldn't easily blend in with the rest of my collection for being too unique-looking.
The prices on eBay were also an element of dissuasion. So, all in all, I really couldn't see why I should invest my money or hobby time on these Talisman models.

And then, somehow all changed: one day I was browsing Simon Bradley's wonderful gallery and stumbled upon his Talisman paintjobs, which showed these models in all their glory and made me reconsider my initial thoughts.
On top of that, there was an auction on eBay with various Talisman models for very low bids. Maybe the fact that the models were already painted and based made most potential eBuyers go for other auctions instead of this. So, within a few hours, I had won nine of those little fellows: Merchant, Leprechaun, Assassin, Halfling, Minstrel, Monk, Elf, Conjurer and the Swashbuckler.
Once the package arrived and I removed the paint from the models I was totally sold on how characterful and well sculpted these miniatures were. Yes, they still looked unique in style and scale, but they were very compatible with the rest of my 28mm scale collection and carried a charm and personality that sadly lacks in so many miniatures made these days.
I carried on searching for more bargains and collecting further Talisman models. In the space of a few months, I had gathered around thirty of these vintage characters.
The picture below shows my latest acquisitions (including one of the infamous toads).
There are still a few remaining characters for me to collect (some models seem very difficult to find for an accessible prices on eBay). However, collecting is a long term hobby, so there is really no rush to get them all in the near future.

Anyway, I'm very happy that I didn't follow my initial skepticism and instead gave myself the chance to collect these lovely models. My collection has certainly gained with these new (old) additions.



  1. A good paint job will definitely bring these models to live. There is a uniqueness to some old models.

  2. Absolutely! In the past few years I've been collecting a lot of old school models - especially from Citadel - and can confirm that there is an infinity of characterful miniatures out there ready to be (re)discovered!