Thursday, 29 May 2014

Fool's Gold

In late June this year, our local Mordheim/Border Town Burning/Mutiny in Marienburg group of players will be gathering somewhere over the Pale Sisters and far away for another exciting encounter of Warhammer forces. The logistic details of this infamous meet are being prepared by the inevitable facilitator Stu who has been sending copious messages to all the relevant parties. In the epicenter of the mountainous conflict we will have a dwarven village and its bearded inhabitants (women and children included).

As Stu looks into the gaming element of this mission, yours truly has been digging deep into the lead pile and extracting some of the village's most wanted. Among them, a fistful of dwarf civilians and a warband to defend the local cellar (and some accidental bystanders in the process).

Collecting dwarves is one of those useless guilty pleasures of mine within the hobby and, although you can never have too many dwarves, I am actually happy that I now own a reasonable amount to populate a small community. Some of my personal favourites are the lady with the crying baby and the hearing impaired old man. And the rat catcher swinging an infamous rodent. Priceless.

Among the dwarf fighters there are some old Marauder models, a champion from Bugman's rangers and a couple of dwarves from the BC1 Adventurer Starter Set. Somehow, I find their characterful style too irresistible and much more appealing than the current Games Workshop dwarves.

So, all I need to do now is to get going with some painting before the game actually happens. No pressure!


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  1. I love the old dwarf models, I've got quite a few myself knocking around. I don't think we'll ever see GW produce characters like that again, at least not in any quantity. Look forward to seeing these painted up.