Monday, 2 June 2014

Street Performers - More additions

One particular type of civilian I enjoy collecting is the street performer. Like with so many things in life, they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Most of my models are still unpainted - either waiting in the lead pile or covered in black spray. Not good.
I have, however, painted a small sample of these notorious entertainers.
Two of them were already out and about for a few years. The minstrel, from Hasslefree Miniatures (which, by the way, sells a generous number of characterful civilians) and a witch hunter's zealot from the defunct Mordheim range.

The fact that the zealot came with a puppet prompted me to chop his axe and add a Bretonnian monk's head as the other puppet.

Recently, I managed to finish off two more street performers, both old Citadel models: a busker from 1985 C46 villagers range and a puppeteer, from 1987 C46 Travelling Players range.

I got a few painting grudges with the busker, as I couldn't find a way to give him proper highlights without making a mess out of it. After a few attempts, though, I got him painted to an acceptable standard. By the way, I absolutely love the monkey with the fez hat hiding behind him.
The puppeteer was more straight-forward and a joy to paint. He is full of character with the menacing goblin and the mother with a child.
More to come in due time - including some more Citadel classics.


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