Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Midlam Miniatures - Latest order

When I visited Midlam Miniatures' stand at Salute this year and had a really nice talk to the owners I was introduced to some of their different ranges of fantasy miniatures. Two in particular caught my interest: Goblinvylle and Halflings.
Goblinvylle has some of the most characterful goblins in the market, sculpted by none other than Goblinmaster, Kev Adams. I had already bought (and painted) their goblin lurker and since then had planned of getting some more of their green rascals.
Their halflings somehow got my attention too. I already have dozens of old Citadel halflings to paint, so at first it felt like a pointless exercise to buy some more. However, these Midlam Halflings, sculpted by Josef Ochmann (and which used to be sold by Mega Minis), have a charm of their own which I found irresistible. Plus, their current discount made them even more attractive.
Over the weekend I placed the order and two days later, the models arrived (fast and efficient service; nice!).
The miniatures are all metal and the sculpts are flawless. The goblins come with slotta-bases and the halflings stuck on metal bases. I personally would prefer them to come on slotta-bases or base-free, but it's not exactly the end of the world.

The goblins that came in this order are the servant, town cryer, Captain, torturer and the watch.

All full of character and with a strong old school feel. It's rare to find a range with proper goblin villagers/townsfolk figures, so I'm very happy that Midlam has a dedicate range for these types of models.

The halflings are also lovely miniatures and seem to paint up really nicely, from the picture I saw on Midlam's website. The sculpts and poses give each character a unique identity and the group can easily represent a hobbit village or clan.

I will look out for eventual new releases from both ranges and definitely will try to collect some more of their goblin villagers. Not that I need more models, given my obscene backlog; but these are miniatures that I cannot afford to not own. This hobby is already a waste of time and money; at least let's make it enjoyable.



  1. I love Kev Adams' sculpts. I can't wait to see these painted up.

  2. Beautiful minis, love the details!